"I've already gotten so many inquiries!"

Since getting my new website, I've already gotten so many new inquiries on my website contact form. The turn around time was so quick. This was definitely worth it.

I've created Website Wonder to get you from zero to ELEVATED in the matter of one day. A stand out website doesn't have to take weeks on end to create. With the right branding and vision it can be done in the blink of an eye.

Having an optimized website will reach such a wider audience than Instagram alone - without all the glitches. So, let's make your dream a reality.🤩

Creating more leads and conversions than Insta ever could.

A day that will change your future. Forever.

I love the ocean🌊, turtles🐢, and cats🐈‍⬛. When I'm not designing, you can find me exploring the outdoors, traveling to my next dream destination, or making candles in my candle shop! 

Hi, I'm Kaiti. Your branding and Showit web designer.

Stand out and show up as yourself and proudly represent your biz.

Make it easy for your ideal clients to see all of your offers in one place - and sign up!

This website is DFY. You'll be less stressed not trying to DIY your site.

Go from looking for clients to your dream clients finding you and having a full waitlist.

Have a vastly higher reach than Instagram alone. Think about all the people searching Google.

A dream website in just one day

Why you need this:

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01  4 page Showit site plus IG link page

02  One round of feedback on homepage

03  Basic branding 

04  Mobile optimization

05  Guidebook on how to make edits

06   48 hour post launch support!

What's Included?

Is branding included?

Yes! Basic branding (typeface logo, font pairings, and color palette) is included! If you're looking for a little more pizazz with your branding, my Digital Magic branding package is perfect for you and can be added on.

Frequently Asked Questions

what does the process look like?

First, you'll fill out the application form! Next we will select the day where the magic will happen and I'll create your dream site. Leading up to that day you'll be welcomed into your client portal where you will upload your photos, branding questionnaire, etc. 

A day or two before the big day, I'll send you your new branding where you will have that day to review and provide feedback.

On the morning of the big day we will check in and I'll send you your homepage design for review. I'll take your feedback on the home page and use that to create the design for the rest of your site. By the end of the day you'll have your brand spankin new website ready to launch!

What platform do you build your sites on?

I use the platform Showit for all of my sites. If your current website is on another platform I can move it over to Showit for you during our design day. I LOVE Showit for many reasons - Showit is so customizable, there is no code, it's drag and drop (which makes it easy for you to make edits), and their customer service is awesome!

I'm in!

Take how you're feeling about your website right now - overwhelmed, lack of time, uncertain.

Now envision your self tomorrow with a brand new elevated website - now you're feeling powerful, confident, motivated.

You deserve to feel on fire. Say yes to your future self.

A day that will change the trajectory of your business forever.

Discounted investment $1,600
*Payment plans available

Hey bestie! I'm here for you! Anything from web design to branding to best beach spots! Just let me know!





Kaiti Blythe Creative