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I'm Kaiti.

If you know anything about me, it should be that I am obsessed with animals. It might not surprise you that I have a background in Marine Biology, but it might surprise you that I see science and design as the perfect pair.

I worked for years as an animal rehabber and conservationist. In fact, I still help out at a small animal hospital near my house from time to time. In 2020 I decided to make a big change. With my two perfect kittens (Tora and Jiji) by my side, I took the leap towards another dream of mine — helping ambitious women put their best foot forward with custom website design.

The pivot from conservation to design felt very natural to me, and I still hold onto my nature-obsessed roots by donating a portion of my proceeds to ocean conservation. 

All about KB...

Web design scratches my scientific itch. Because great design is research-backed and data-driven. It’s so much more than color palettes and typefaces. It’s about developing a unique strategy that will have potential clients lined up at your digital door.

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Kaiti Blythe Creative did an excellent job in designing and creating our website. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. 
She is also very responsive and always follows up in a timely manner. She also setup our social media platforms. We continue to use her services
on a monthly basis for changes, updates and posts. I could not recommend her service more. 5+ Stars!

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Client Love

Working with Kaiti Was a relief. She was able to translate my ideas into a physical product for my website so that I wouldn’t have to figure it out. She was very patient, and flexible with me to get exactly what I envisioned. I would highly recommend her. 

-Christina H.  

"The turn around time was so quick!"

After much contemplation of if I should outsource my website, I am so thankful I did. My site is gorgeous and Kaiti did an amazing job. I definitely recommend her. 

"My site is gorgeous!"

I can't wait to use my new branding. It really shows off my personality and business. I couldn't have done it alone.

"My branding really shows off my personality."

I love my new website so much! I went from having no website to this amazing one and I have gotten so many inquiries! Thank you!

"I love my new website so much."

My websites help people stand out from the crowd. Supported by strategic, bespoke design, my clients are able to make more money, build deeper connections with less effort, and show up for their brand without having to work constantly.

Custom web design is often seen as an overwhelming process — which is why I make it simple, strategic, and fun! 

The possibilities for growth with your new website are endless.

I'm ready

Hey bestie! I'm here for you! Anything from web design to branding to best beach spots! Just let me know!





Kaiti Blythe Creative